The glitterguru Wraps New Shoot with Kathy Griffin / by Suzette Troche Stapp

More hilarious photographic comedy from Kathy Griffin!

Kathy and crew came out to Timbuktu Studios and we had a fantastic time!

Here are some of the behind the scenes from the shoot!


Adam Christopher- MU God
Jenniffer Montoya- Hair Goddess
Tiffany Rinehart- Kathy's Assistant Extraordinare!!
Styling- Judith Curtis- Fashion Queen
On Set Styling (clothes & props) Stacy Elder Herb- DivaStyle
Photo Assistants- Tracy Chappell- Asst Supreme, Moriah Zaggaglia- Asst. Fantastic!
Model- Bradley Bell- Handsome man about town!
Kid Models- Merit Leighton, Marlowe Peyton, Warner Rhodes, Ethan Rhodes, Hayden Rhodes, Jillian Rhodes, Elise Estrada, Andrew Estrada, and SkyBear!











































































A final image from the shoot- more coming soon.......