LOGLINE- Trailer parks, evil cats, and a newfangled crime-fighting superhero, Planeman, who solemnly vows to defend all modes of transportation under his mighty wing. Remember wearing a seat belt and eating your vegetables is important kids, but not as important as defending all things vehicular.

The idea for this crazy new fangled superhero came about when Merit Leighton and her best friend Ben Stockham, were filming a vlog for Merit’s Youtube channel Kawaiihappii. In the car ride on the way to “Wondercon,” 2016 through a crazy stream of consciousness “Planeman” was created. When the "Wondercon" episode dropped, viewers were intrigued, and Planeman suddenly had a life of its own.

Subscribers were drawing fan art and supported the Patreon for the pilot. This talented group of young artists Ben, Merit and her sister Marlowe Peyton, went to work on character designs, storyline, and backstory. After many creative meetings with the EP/Director Suzette Troche-Stapp and screenwriter Juana Stockham, the pilot script was ready. Production happened overseas, and for over a year, Ben was the sole artist drawing the storyboards, illustrations, and background art for the entire pilot episode.

“Planeman” has been excepted into four film festivals and has won “Best Animation” at Action On Film Festival 2018 and Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival 2018. Ben and Merit have also won “Best Rising Young Filmmakers” at Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival 2018.